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Община Nessebar

The municipality of Nessebar is in South-eastern Bulgaria and is located in the northernmost part of the Black Sea coast of Burgas district. To the north it borders with the municipalities of Byala and Dolni Chiflik, to south-west - with the municipalities of Pomorie, and to the east - with the Black Sea.

The coastline is strongly indented, cliffs and beaches alternate, and the dunes are a characteristic natural phenomenon. The coastline is 50 km long and the beaches are among the largest along the Bulgarian coast.

The mild climate, the high annual average temperature, the long coastal strip and its diverse character create favourable opportunities for the development of tourism and make the municipality of Nessebar the biggest tourist agglomeration on the Bulgarian seaside.

The biggest Bulgarian seaside resort complex of Sunny Beach is in the municipality of Nessebar.

The rich cultural and historical heritage and the numerous significant international, national and regional events from all art genres make Nessebar a magnetic cultural centre, where the unique symbiosis of past and present enchants the citizens and thousands of multilingual guests of the town.

The municipality of Nessebar has a population of about 22 600 people and occupies an area of 423 sq. km. which comprises 14 settlements.

In 1956 Nessebar was declared an architectural and archaeological reserve, and in 1983 the Old City was included in UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites.

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