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Община Dolni Chiflik

Dolni Chiflik municipality is located in the South-western part of Varna district, between the rivers Kamchia, Dvoinitsa and Fandakliy-ska. The municipality comprises the Kamchia valley, Longoza, the northern slopes of the Kamchia Balkans and the Black Sea coast.

The beach strip at the mouth of the Kamchia river is the longest along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The climate in the municipality of Dolni Chiflik is moderate-continental, with strong sea influence. The winter is comparatively mild, the summer - dry, the autumn - warm and long.

The weather from June to October is extremely suitable for balneo- and recreational procedures, as well as talasotherapy. Recreative tourism is very popular in the resort complex "Shkorpilovtsi". The following protected areas are within the territory of the municipality: the reserves "Vulchi Prehod", "Kirov Dol", and "Kamchia"; the protected areas "Longoza", "Mikhov Dol", "Orlov Kamuk", "Solnik", the locality "Kamchia Sands", the natural attraction "Fields of White Oman".

Tucked away from the big pollution sources, the municipality of Dolni Chiflik is an ecological oasis: clean air, clean soil, clean waters, void of industrial noise.

The municipality of Dolni Chiflik includes one town, 16 villages and one resort complex. The population of the municipality is 20 500 people, of which 7 600 live in the administrative centre Dolni Chiflik.

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Town of Dolni Chiflik, Varna District 1, Square "Ticha" tel.:+ 359 5142 20 01, fax:+ 359 5142 34 44, obst_dchiflik@mail.bg