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Община Byala

The municipality of Byala is located in the middle of the Bulgarian coast. To the North and North-west it borders with the municipality of Dolni Chiflik, and to the South-west - with the municipality of Nessebar. Its territory is 162 sq. km.

The municipality includes 6 settlements.

The administrative centre Byala is a quiet and pretty sea town with magnificent beaches, clean sea air and beautiful surroundings. The lack of industry guarantees the ecological purity of the region.

The oldest signs of life go back to the 6th c. BC, around the cape of St. Atanas. Recent archaeological excavations unearthed an ancient settlement and a cult centre, a temple, ritual fire-places and an antique fortress.

Scientists suppose the name Byala (Aspro) comes from the natural characteristics of the region - white coasts at the bay and Beli (White) Cape.

Byala is a traditional vine-growing region. Wine production belongs to the most important livelihoods. The large vineyards secure the production of the famous regional wines. There is a winery in the town where wines may be tasted.

Fishing is well developed in Byala. The local population has used the sea for obtaining food since ancient times. There is a marina in the bay of Cape St. Atanas for small yachts and boats.

The long and beautiful beach strips, the clean and golden sand, and the crystal clear sea water offer great opportunities for sea tourism. The modernization of accommodation facilities, the hospitality of the hosts are of great importance for excellent rest and entertainment.

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Tourist Centre of • Byala •

Town of Byala, Varna District, Square "Europe", tel./ fax:+ 359 5143 23 33, tourcentar_byala_05@abv.bg